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Sheryl Moore

President/Founder of Wink Intel and Moore Market Intelligence

Sheryl J. Moore, Chief Storyteller is the ORIGINAL member of Wink’s analysis team and has been at this for a long time. She’s obsessive-compulsive to a fault and never happy if she’s not twirling 20 plates at once. Want to know MORE about Ms. Moore?

- She is the founder, creator, & CEO of Wink, Inc. and Moore Market Intelligence
- She is also President & CEO of her consulting company, Moore Market Intelligence, which provides: Competitive intelligence, Market research, Product development, Insight on the annuity and life insurance markets
- She is President & CEO of a real estate investment firm, Moore Quality Investments
- She co-authored The Encyclopedia to Indexed Products: Annuity and Life
- She has published 500+ articles on indexed life and/or indexed annuity products in the following industry trade journals, newspapers, and magazines: Advisor Magazine, Allstate Financial’s The Edge, Annuity News, Bloomberg News, Financial Advisor, Forbes, Huffington Post, Investment News, The New York Times, ThinkAdvisor, Senior Market Advisor, ThinkAdvisor, Wall Street Journal
- Regularly assists the National Association of Insurance Commissioners
- Serves as a resource on insurance distribution, marketing, product development, and training
- Actively participates in the rule-making process for life insurance and annuity products

Life Insurance in Retirement with Sheryl Moore

July 8, 2022

Does life insurance make sense in retirement? If so, why? What are some creative and useful reasons for retirees to retain coverage? Also, what should policy owners and their agents be doing to properly maintain these polici…

Guest: Sheryl Moore