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Good info

Great information. Enjoying your podcasts!


I appreciate the mindset behind these valuable episodes :) Looking forward to more!

Compelling Topics with Expert Presenters

I love how there are a variety of topics covered in the podcast, and the presenter uses them to educate his listeners on financial services products. It is nice to hear from someone who looks out for their clients' best interests!

Very good and very informative

Encouraging to hear about the fundamentals of how to invest near retirement and to know I’m not doing it all that wrong. Thank you!

Useful Info!

I enjoy how the topics discussed provide listeners with relevant things to think about on a variety of topics. The discussions with guests are easy to digest and not overly complicated…I also like that it’s not only about investing.

Relevant and reliable!

I love their holistic approach to the content they provide. It’s not all talk about stocks and bonds. They address important questions/concerns that could guide you toward the life you want in retirement. It has been valuable every time I listen! Highly recommended!