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The Retirement Power Hour

The Retirement Power Hour

We help listeners within 5 years of retirement invest wiser and retire better, as we discuss key financial topics like investing, retirement planning, behavioral finance, taxes, Social Security, Medicare, and more.

Recent Episodes

Annuity Pros, Cons, and What Are They Anyway?

May 22, 2023

Annuities seem to have a negative connotation within the financial industry, but do they deserve it? Are annuities good or are they bad? Because there are so many different types of annuities, it's hard to generalize that th…

Social Security Spousal Planning Q&A

March 17, 2023

Social Security filing strategies can get complex for couples, especially those with different ages. Can you start a spousal benefit, then switch to your own? Can you start your own benefit, then switch to a spousal benefit?…

2023 Stock Market Predictions, & Why You Should Ignore Them

Feb. 1, 2023

It's that time of year again...when we see stock market predictions being released by financial institutions, fund managers, financial media personnel, and other financial “experts.” Most of these predictions end up being wi…

Creating Your Retirement Identity w/ Wendy Green

Jan. 5, 2023

In this episode, Host and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional Joe Allaria is joined by Wendy Green, the Founder and Host of the "Hey, Boomer" podcast, and the two discuss Creating Your Retirement Identity. Recent retir…

Top 10 Myths of Retirement (Part 2)

Dec. 27, 2022

In this episode, Host and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional Joe Allaria is joined by Co-Host Jay Waters, Wealth Advisor with CarsonAllaria Wealth Management, to discuss our Top 10 Retirement Myths that seem to be wid…

Top 10 Myths of Retirement (Part 1)

Dec. 21, 2022

In this episode, Host Joe Allaria is joined by Co-Host Jay Waters to discuss our Top 10 Retirement Myths that seem to be widely accepted amongst those in or near retirement. In Part 1 of this two-part series, we cover the fi…

About the Host

Joe Allaria, CFP®Profile Photo

Joe Allaria, CFP®

Host | President & Co-Founder of CarsonAllaria Wealth Management

Hello there!

I’m Joe Allaria, an avid golfer, husband, father, and the owner of The Retirement Power Hour.

I’m also the President and Co-Founder of CarsonAllaria Wealth Management – a retirement planning firm in Glen Carbon, IL (near St. Louis, Missouri).

I’m glad you’re here and we're ready to:

- Help you invest wiser
- Retire better
- Reduce your tax bill
- Debunk the myths of retirement
- Demystify Medicare and Social Security

Why I Started The Retirement Power Hour
Remember March of 2020? Of course you do. The start of the COVID-19 pandemic hit hard in the U.S. at that time. Simultaneously, the stock market took the steepest dive in the history of the stock market. It goes without saying that stress and anxiety was near all-time highs.

It was a scary time and a field day for major media companies. The news cycle was filled with opinions, updates, and projections, of which hardly any were positive. Obviously, this was the perfect storm for poor investor behavior.

What investors, retirees especially, needed to hear at that time was to NOT panic, keep a long-term focus, and to remember that "this too shall pass." However, what they heard and saw, instead, was how the market was going to continue it's dive, how the "COVID crash" would be worse than the Great Depression, and how the market would struggle to recover.

While I've always fought a sort-of guerilla warfare style battle against the media, this time, I decided to take it a step further. I started the Retirement Power Hour in July of 2020 in the form of monthly webinars, giving investors not only the truth of the events occurring in the market, but also good reminders to help them stay calm and overcome the crisis we were facing.

I've been doing the same ever since.

Whether the topic is investing, retirement, Social Security, Medicare, etc., I've set out to give my audience the confidence and courage to invest wiser and retire better. There are too many news outlets that are motivated to make you fearful and anxious and there is a lot of bad advice out there. My goal is to help retirees and those near retirement live a life of financial peace and clarity.

That’s what The Retirement Power Hour is all about.

I’m here to teach you proven strategies (in plain English!) that will empower you to retire on your terms!

Here's to investing wiser and retiring BETTER!

Joe Allaria